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Vertical and Horizontal & Limited Access Drilling

  • Cat crawler for access to soft and / or muddy sites
  • Drilling capability to 200 m and greater.
  • - 25° to +25° angle capability
  • Birdie 250 specialty drill for residential / very limited access
  • Uses clean water instead of drilling mud

Minimal Environmental Impact & Cost Effective

Aardvark uses clean water instead of drilling mud, which allows it to be used to relieve water pressure, while causing minimal environmental damage, and is a cost-effective and proven method for a wide range of applications. 

The drill can achieve a wide range of angles, making it ideal for construction and tunneling projects

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Safety + Efficiency

Our approach to drilling begins the same way it does for all our operations—with qualified people. Through our innovative training and safety initiatives, we strive to provide all personnel with comprehensive and practical knowledge. We challenge ourselves to remain on the leading edge in terms of safety and efficiency.

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Note: Aardvark drilling projects are best done before freeze-up.
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