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Railway Installation and Collection of Horizontal Drain Work

British Columbia

The client identified a high priority site that required significant stabilization measures. The goal of the work was to ensure stability of a steep slope above a busy railway. The client’s report describes the project:

“... The main water seepage was approximately 15 m above the track and it was impossible to drill in from the front face. A more feasible approach involved pioneering a cat trail in from the ravine to the east, setting up near the elevation of the springs and then installing the drains starting parallel to the slope and fanning back into the slope. The horizontal drains were collected and connected into the manhole; from the manhole, water will discharge towards the east ravine and existing culvert.

...The Aardvark drill system provides fro drilling horizontally by the conventional rotary method, and then inserting PVC slotted screens inside the drill rod to the full length of the hole. The drill rod slope angle was set and varied from drain to drain at 0〫to +8〫degrees. All 12 drains were drilled from two drill setups...”

Mobile Aardvark Drill Inc.® supplied necessary materials and manpower to collect drains and install manholes and discharge pipes.

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